We understand second best is a turn-off.


When WallyPark acquired Airpark’s Atlanta Airport Parking facility, over 75% of the 869 parking spaces were covered by canopies to protect the cars from the elements. Unfortunately, none of the canopies were lit. To address this issue, WallyPark released an RFP to furnish and install metal halide lighting under the canopies and to upgrade the electrical service at the facility. Our analysis of the situation indicated that a weatherproof T5 fluorescent fixture would provide better illumination, cost less money, and use less electricity than a metal halide fixture. We therefore submitted two proposals; one to furnish metal halide lighting and one to furnish T5 fluorescent lighting. Even though we were not the low bidder, WallyPark was so intrigued by our proposals that they asked us to install demonstration fixtures of each type. The fluorescent fixture was the hands-down winner. WallyPark awarded us the contract, noting that our offering of a better solution, along with our proven project management expertise, clearly provided the best value.